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Unit Transformation

In the decimal metric system, we must remember that in the transformation of surface units, each surface unit is 100 times larger than the next lower unit:

Note the following transformations:

  • transform 2.36 m2 in mm2.


To transform m2 in mm2 (three positions to right) we must multiply by 1,000,000 (100x100x100).

2.36 x 1,000,000 = 2,360,000 mm2

  • turn 580.2 dam2 in km2.


To turn dam2 in km2 (two positions to left) we should divide by 10,000 (100x100).

580.2: 10,000 = 0.05802 km2

Practice it! Try to solve these exercises:

1) Transform 8.37 dm2 in mm2 (R: 83,700 mm2)
2) Transform 3.1416 m2 in cm2 (R: 31.416 cm2)
3) Transform 2.14 m2 in dam2 (R: 0.0214 dam2)
4) Calculate 40m x 25m (R: 1,000m2)

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