Resolution of complete equations

To solve complete equations of the 2nd degree we will use the Bhaskara formula. From the equation , on what The, B, ç GO and , we will develop step by step the deduction of the Bhaskara formula (or solving formula).

1st step: we will multiply both members by 4The.

2nd step: pass 4B.C for the 2nd member.

3rd step: add to both members.

4th step: factor the 1st element.

5th step: extract the square root two limbs.

6th step: pass B to the 2nd member.

7th step: divide the two members by .

Thus, we find the solving formula of the 2nd degree equation:

We can represent the two real roots by x 'and x ", like this:


  • Equation Resolution: .
    We have

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