Operations with rational numbers

Addition and Subtraction

To simplify writing, we transform addition and subtraction into algebraic sums. We eliminate parentheses and write numbers next to each other, just as we do with integers.

Example 1: What is the sum:

Example 2: Calculate the Expression Value

Multiplication and division

At multiplication of rational numbers, we must multiply numerator by numerator, and denominator by denominator, as shown in the examples below:

At division of rational numbers, we must multiply the first fraction by the inverse of the second, as shown in the example below:

Potentiation and rooting

At potentiation, when we raise a rational number to a given exponent, we are raising the numerator and denominator to that exponent, as in the examples below:

At root, when we apply the square root to a rational number, we are applying that root to the numerator and denominator, as in the example below:

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