Arithmetic - Origin of the word

Greek drift arithmos, which means number. Today we know that the word arithmetic is related to the part of mathematics that studies numerical operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. However, over time, the etymology of the arithmetic word has undergone some misinterpretations.

In the Middle Ages, for example, an extra "r" emerged, as if related to "metric". In 1116 the scholar Plato de Tivoli, in his translation of Abraham Savasorda, uses "Boetius in arismetricis"After 24 years, in 1140, the translator Johannes Hispalensis presents a work with the title."Arismetrics"Fifty years later we find Fibonacci using the form."Rismetirca"The extra" r "was usually present in Italian literature, but when it passed to Germany and later to France, it began to disappear.

There were also other variations in the spelling of the arithmetic word, but less significant, as they reflected only pronunciation issues. Already in English, the first records of the use of the arithmetic word date from the thirteenth century (more specifically, between 1200 and 1250).