Math Quiz

The quiz is our math quiz game. Here you can test your knowledge in an interactive and fun way!

How it works: Each question is worth 10 points. With each game, your goal is to try to get the 7 questions drawn by clicking on the alternatives you consider correct. Good luck!

1 - We call quotient o… a) result of a multiplication b) number that precedes the variable in a 1st degree equation c) the sum of two integers d) result of a division e) the difference between two numbers 2 - How many faces have a cube? a) four square faces b) four round faces c) six square faces d) six round faces e) cube has no faces 3 - We call the perimeter… a) a measure larger than four meters b) the measure of the contour of a geometric figure flat c) an instrument used to measure d) the base times the height of a rectangle e) the size of a parakeet 4 - What is a decagon? a) a set of 10 elements b) a 10-sided polygon c) a race with 10 participants d) a combination of 10 numbers e) a number raised to power 10 5 - Abscissa is the name of the… a) tip of a triangle b) lateral of a square c) x-axis coordinate in a Cartesian plane d) addition of two prime numbers e) measurement of a circumference 6 - Geometry is the area of ​​mathematics that works with… a) the basic operations: addition, subtraction , multiplication and division b) monomials, binomials and polynomials c) operations between matrices d) solids, surfaces, lines, angles and their relations e) 1st and 2nd degree equations 7 - What does a quinquennium mean? a) 5-element set b) 5-sided figure c) 5-year period d) 5-term equation e) 5 consecutive numbers


Also know the version with questions from Portuguese.