Our game

Our championship started in 2005 in a rectangular court, official size. The court had so many directions and directions that, as in any championship, with so many people, scores (draws, losses, wins) have crossed each other countless times, but never in a game.

We met a few veiled glances, and uncertain feelings of interest, but the score was always 0x0.

Me, a function J (x) and you, a function A (x). Our duties ran their course, and there was a time when the probability of the meeting was no longer null, the chances I believe were around 70% of happen.

Individually we might wonder if the functions I, J (x), and you, A (x) would meet, and exactly in what position, measured in km, and in which position, marked in hours, the unexpected first encounter would take place.

And, only in the 2019 championship, already in a semifinal where, you in the position of goalkeeper and I of striker, the functions I J (x) and you A (x) finally traced together the trajectory of the championship of the year.

It was exactly at km 407 of the field line known as Avenida Maricá at 20:00 that the meeting finally took place.

At that unusual moment, splitting the ball, or was it sphere? Do not know! Which then fell into his lap as a fraction (whole, inverse, proper, improper) in a totally welcoming way. Our breathing described a sinusoid that, even of constant period, was intense. From then on, the functions I, J (x) and you, A (x) began to have coincident and alternating paths.

And at that moment, where I wanted to be infinite, the referee blew the end of the match, which with uncertain score, it is not known if it was me or you who won.

It was 10 days of overwhelming longing, alternating stages of lethargy and a few sleepless nights with the thought of you. So…

I wish today, after meeting the functions I, J (x) and you, A (x), that the function N (x), the function we, N (x) be even, convergent, continuous, increasing, infinite and Unbelievably surprising with every breath I take from you.

May we join forces, subtract the translation of each silent and seductive look exchanged. May we multiply love, life, joy, and may we share gratitude together for the opportunity life is giving us.

And… the tactical analysis of the game and the mathematical analysis brings us to a halt for the grand finale: Will you agree to date me?

June Wedge of Araujo