In details


I can operate with natural, integer, rational numbers.
But never with the irrational ones of your soul.
I can work with competing, perpendicular, converging lines.
But I will never get used to the loneliness of the parallels that despite walking together they never meet.
I can add, divide, multiply.
But never subtract love when the result is loneliness.
I can understand several properties: commutative, associative, distributive.
But I can't understand when you insist on being the neutral element.
I can tell you about equations, inequalities, union, intersection.
But I can't tell you about love if you have an empty set on your chest.
I can extract roots from second, third and nth degree.
I just can't extract the roots that bind me to you.

Gilberto A. Reis
Philadelphia, Bahia
Graduated in Mathematics and Physics