Playing with math

Bhaskara gave us a task to do
The roots of the equation we have to find
told us that
And this is where the animal will catch.

But how can the roots know?
What should we base ourselves on?
If we know that "delta" = b2-4ac
The equation we can calculate.

Descartes formulated a plan
That can surely help us
It's called the Cartesian Plane.
And the roots let's put in it.

To sort and simplify problems
The matrices I will use
Will help me solve my dilemmas
Whether row, column, square or regular.

The determinant I want to find
Two rules I can use
Sarrus or Cramer if you wish
They will help me calculate.

But math is a joke
Close to what we are about to see
My story is true.
In my reasoning you can believe it.

Leoni Muniz