Love at least without limit

Now that I've given you a rest
Can I write you again
Simple verses, sweet words
For you not to forget me

I know you fly to infinity
Your dreams don't touch my floor
As an eagle watches from afar
The prey of your heart

Gone are your horizons
Way beyond what I can calculate
In words I'm so close
I can almost touch you

In parallel I watch the rain
Swipe through window
The heart flies in silence
Find my beautiful

Linda by nature
On the edge of perfection
I wish I could find words
To touch your heart

You must find me crazy
At least… a dreamer
A mathematical poet
A heart with a lot of love

Don't embark on my dream
Hear only my voice
In this equation of life
Let me dream for us

The rainbow covers the earth
In a beauty parable
In the fantasy world
I made you my princess.

José L. Bonfim