In details

Live forever

I'm sure, so with two plus two is four, our love is infinite.
As in Exatas, our destiny is exact.
I invite you, my love, to solve your unknowns, because I know it's me
your answers. I already have the resolutions.
Without you, my life is a tithe, countless and endless numbers with the
stars in the sky.
I simplify all our moments until we reach an irreducible fraction, the
Unconditional love for you.
Our math messes with chemistry, physics when alone.
Right now we are the common denominator of the fraction.
However, even in prehistoric times they would not be able to count on stones
the affection and respect we feel for each other.
I ask for love, let me forever be your times tables. But please! Never
Multiply me in your life, add our children and share with me your
Be it to me how mathematics went to ALBERT EINSTEIN - the discovery of
energy, my daily energy.
Suellen Cruz