Love and Mathematics

Mathematics is like a smart person,
When we think we are right,
It surprises us with its infinity,
Even though we are really correct…

Still, we won't feel so safe,
Given its immense complexity.

You have certainly been through this,
Feeling that sense of victory,
The one that invades us when
We hit an issue we thought
Unable to solve it.

It is the realization of the dream smiling.

And when we fight with the loved one…
We feel an intense emptiness that only compares
To that terrible impression of helplessness,
Because we have not solved such an exciting challenge.

Even exhausted, we don't give up,
For we believe in the unfailing power of which to think
It is stronger than any problem.

The true mathematician is as sensitive as
A feeling that gets complicated.

That's the math, it's easier to explain it,
Than loving her, but once loving her,
Everything become understanding, as if it were a
Unexpected story of love, tenderness and overcoming.

Razek Seravhat