Geometric heart

A heart is a lonely point,
In an imaginary Cartesian plane,
Wandering sadly in search of his match.
If you find another point, the line appears,
Two hearts united in one goal,
Loving each other.
However, if another point appears,
And in the trajectory of this line goes down,
Crossing fast without stopping,
I don't love trio, this is insane,
Geometrically only flat form,
Created for the housing points.
And in this established harmony,
The points form straight lines
To together, very happy to walk.
Hyperbolic figures are forming,
Cylinders, cones, cubes, and spinning,
Beautiful balls, crazy dancing.
Myriads of adjacent angles,
Perpendicular, median and tangent,
They form cascading waterfalls.
And in this volitar of geometric beings,
I find myself, simple point to seek,
In infinite, kilometric spaces,
From all parametric quadrants,
A heart I can love.

Fadlo Dualibi Neto