Formula of love

If you loved me…
A third of what I love you.
It would have given me already,
What I so complain about.
And our love…
Then it would multiply,
And today would be,
Double double.
So… The square,
Than both had together.

The arithmetic does not fail.
And in our lives.
The more I add to you,
The more you subtract me.
The more I multiply you,
The more you divide me.
And in the end…
You keep the quotient.
And I ... I'm the rest.
And only after fractionation!
In millions of pieces…
It's just that you finally drop me.

In my love formula
I give you everything.
I have nothing.
In your!
You mean nothing to offer me.
Everything I want.
Just be your love!

Ah! Mathematics…
Accurate and accurate science,
Of very complicated formulas.
So simple…
Before the propositions,
Governing the procedures of love.

Jaime Aparecido Donizeti Privatti