The geometry

As visible and experienced as unnoticed

The geometry is seen,
In the contour of the sieve,
In tv format,
In the swing of capoeira,
In doors and windows,
In the shape of the roll,
In clogs and flip flops,
In the cup of coffee,
On the facade of the houses,
In the curves of the path,
From butterflies, on wings,
And also in my corner,
In geometric solids,
From the rocks by the sea,
Or in asymmetric crystals,
That do not float in the air.
The sphere that rotates in space,
In rotating motion,
In translation is the step,
For your evolution.
And then?
We came to the conclusion,
If geometry is,
Everywhere and everywhere
In the beauty of thistles,
In the starfish,
Or in the shape of the eyes,
That fill us with unparalleled love,
God gave man intelligence,
To learn to count,
And evolving in science,
Your life improves,
From geometry to importance,
It made him understand,
And in the circumstances
Your calculations develop.

Ruth Nunes Dualibi