In details

The Queen of Sciences

There is no science so perfect,
From all our existence,
She is the most accurate,
It is the queen of the sciences.

It all started with the pebbles,
In the ancient civilizations,
The need arose to tell,
Making comparisons.

From then on,
Everything started to evolve,
The numbers began to exist,
And our society,
It would never be the same again.

The Indians invented,
The Arabs spread the word,
I'm talking about Indo-Arabic,
Our numbering system.

I wonder,
What would the world be like without her,
We couldn't drive, no computer, no television,
Without any technological means,
And what would be physics and chemistry then?

Yeah, we're very lucky,
Have discovered such a beneficial science,
Which brought progress and evolution,
This is the math,
My source of inspiration.

Luécio Oliveira Neves