Impossible love - parallel lines

It was a plan, Beta plan
Where history happened,
The love between two lines
And all that proceeds ...

Lived in geometry,
call Euclidean
And barely knew straight,
What would that imply in the drama…

For there were in the plane,
And his eyes looked at her,
Of all the lines that touched her,
It was the Parallel she loved.

One day she babbled softly
For parallel who loved her,
And she was your way,
That all life awaited.

And the parallel crying,
Said I felt the same way,
I was not believing
That your love wouldn't be haphazard.

Then they arranged to meet:
"Go ahead without stopping,
And find me anywhere,
that can touch me. "

And the parallel and combined,
It set out on its infinite path,
But I would not be prepared,
For the bloody paradox ...

Afflicted shouted to his love:
To the karma of the fifth postulate!

And wept nights and days,
For the fateful mismatch,
Just we wanted POINT! ".

A point of intersection,
it was the dream of both lines,
But the plan was the villain,
But they had a plan, a goal…

They would not give up,
The love they felt,
Or to die trying,
Still they try ...

And a given day,
Never straight were seen,
"They committed suicide by cowardice"
The moralistic figures said.

But the truth is that among so many rumors,
There was one that had intrigued me,
It was a humble square,
Who said he had witnessed ...

"The lines were happy,
Weeping with joy,
For they had discovered,
a new geometry ...

And it was a simple smile,
Amid a bucolic laugh,
Have I heard them say:
Tomorrow we leave for hyperbolic "

Fagner Mera