Mrs. Mathematics Coti Diana

I woke up very early,
In my geometric corner.
After the dream I had,
It would begin to live a new age.
With the insight outlined,
The adventure would be explored.
In mathematics I dived,
Look what I found?
Everywhere I looked,
The math I saw.
Today is the day of receipt,
Tomorrow will be payment.
And the bills of water, light and installment,
They came to my mind,
With such precision,
That the calculations I mentally did,
Buying time on time,
For the saying goes:
“Time is daily money”
Waste I did not want to.
In the budget book,
I'm making notes.
The salary is my credit,
Each bill pays; my debt.
I'm going to the supermarket to buy the month,
The main thing, I buy everything at once.
10 kg of rice, 4 kg of beans,
1 kg of cornmeal and 2 kg of pasta,
Flour, jam, cookie and olive oil,
Oil, salt, sugar and pine nuts,
Chocolate, Oatmeal, Coffee and Milk,
Toothpaste, Shampoo, Soap
and 6 kg of fish…
I pay the market bill.
And realizing the geometry,
In the format of my card,
I make asymmetrical analogy,
Between things and reason.
I see then the math,
In space and on the floor.
I drink truncated cone water,
My bed is a cobblestone,
In dance the step changed,
I scratch the floor with my ballet.
And with a nice swing,
In capoeira I am damned,
Drawing in the air with passion,
Evolving geometrical figures.
Need to say more,
Let us therefore reason.
And then, after all,
With a lot of dedication,
I dare you to think,
Pay close attention
At your plate of food,
By the glass of drink,
Anyway ... To everything in life.
Make your list,
And find out where it is,
This beautiful lady.

Esp. Ruth Nunes Dualibi