In details

The Egyptians and Mathematics

Egypt keeps secrets
We can't even imagine
It is the land of the pyramids
There's a lot of story to tell

Tell the story of Mathematics
From your discoveries and achievements
They all impress
Awakening the imagination

In the floods of the Nile River
The Egyptian Farmers
They used a lot of math
Your principles and values

Field markup needed
Surveying knowledge
And many skills they showed
In defense of agriculture

The Egyptian calendar can prove
Which in many areas stood out
In geometry and astronomy
A lot of knowledge they left

The fascinating pyramids of Egypt
Buildings of great beauty
With geometric rigor were erected
A math of unparalleled wealth

Wise and studious men
In mythology and religiosity
Great Studies in Archeology
Cultural Heritage of Humanity

Marcos Antonio Lenes de Araújo, Degree in Mathematics.