Traveling in Verse through Analytic Geometry

René Descartes established
An important connection
Between Algebra and Geometry
Precious correlation arises

The Method Speech can prove
That one must doubt to know
In philosophy and mathematics
There are many stories to learn.

Points, lines and planes
Beautiful designs to build
Traveling by knowledge
For mysteries so find out

Analytical geometry can show
The Cartesian Plan in its mission
The power of graphic representation
As an instrument of interpretation

Vector space when promoting
A reflection exercise
Scalar and Vector Product
A dynamic for imagination

Among many properties
A new concept should emerge
When talking about mixed product
An important chart to build

The module of this product
Three vectors to establish
The volume of the parallelepiped
A situation to solve

Circumstances under consideration
Offer moments of great value
The methodical doubt can be used
Leading to reason with great fervor

Want to know this universe?
You will not regret
To enter this great world
Many concepts will learn.

Marcos Antonio Lenes de Araújo