Poetry in calculation

Newton and Leibniz
They have developed
A large branch of mathematics
With many concepts to understand

Differential and Integral Calculus
Brings in its mission
Strategies for analysis
The behavior of a function

Everyone can recognize
The greatness of their applications
In various branches of science
There are many contributions

In Physics and Engineering
Statistics and Computing
Chemistry and Economics
Accounting and Administration Sciences

The functions and its limits
Their derivatives and integrals
They are very important content
structural knowledge

The slope of a tangent line
A curve and the inflection points
Situations that require analysis
Using the principles of derivation

Calculate the area between curves
And volumes of solids of revolution
They are very common problems
To use the integration concepts

The wealth of these studies
Many may know
To arouse curiosity
And many situations to solve

Marcos Antonio Lenes de Araújo