In details

Mathematical love

Even if I don't understand her in full, my love for her is continuous and I still love her exponentially, which brings my spirit into harmony.

Although I sometimes feel limited about my understanding of it as a limited sequence between two extremes, sometimes it seems that my thinking resembles a growing succession of minority… noting that the limit does not exist.

I wish that, like cosine, there is in my mind a parity where addition and subtraction do not mean increasing or decreasing what it is, wherever the negative aspects considered by society, but positive aspects by society, produce the same results.

When I think of her, my heart speeds up and produces uneven beats. I don't understand the reason, I just subtract the current position from the previous one, sometimes I make a division taking into account the initial position, so I find in it the reason to make life a proportional division, where the reason that leads to the means is the same. that takes us to extremes.

I want to be the key to climbing barriers and overcoming them requires a key method. Sometimes I feel in the plane, sometimes in space that transcends the range the eyes can see.

Many find it complex, outside the Real, but I still love it. Because I know that love for her is just like the Cousins, it is not known when it will occur.

Mateus Fernandes