Percentage Exercises

a) The amount of R $ 1143,00 represents what percentage of R $ 2540,00?

b) It is known that 37.5% of a distance x corresponds to 600 m. What is the distance x?

c) One school has 25 teachers, of which 24% teach mathematics. How many teachers teach math in this school?

d) When I bought a device I got a 15% discount for making the cash payment. If I paid R $ 102,00 for the device, what was its original price?

Calculate the corresponding percentages:

e) 2% of 700 oranges

f) 40% of 48 m

g) 38% of 200 kg

h) 6% of 50 tiles

i) 37.6% of 200

j) 22.5% of 60