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Reasons Exercise

a) The reason equals 10. Determine the ratio .

b) The distance between two cities on a 1: 2000 scale map is 8.5 cm. What is the real distance between these two cities?

c) Peter's age is 30 years old and Josefa's age is 45 years old. What is the reason between the ages of Peter and Josefa?

d) A box of chocolate has 250g net weight and 300g gross weight. What is the ratio of net weight to gross weight?

e) The ratio between the length of the shadow and the height of a building is . If the building is 12 m high, how long is the shadow?

f) Pedrinho solved 20 math problems and hit 18. Cláudia solved 30 problems and hit 24. Who presented the best performance?

g) The ratio between the amount I spend and the amount I receive as a salary per month is . What remains I put in savings account. If this month my salary was $ 840.00, what amount will I apply in the savings account?

h) A soccer team obtained, during 2010, 26 wins, 15 draws and 11 losses. What is the ratio of the number of wins to the total number of matches played?

i) During the 2010 Brazilian Championship, one team had 12 penalties in their favor. Knowing that the ratio of the number of hits to the total of penalties was , how many penalties were converted into goal by this team?

j) A reservoir with a capacity of 8m³ of water has 2000L of water. What is the ratio of the amount of water in the reservoir to the total reservoir capacity? (Remember that 1dm³ = 1L).