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Rational Number Exercises

a) To fill a sticker album, Karina contributed while Cristina contributed of the stickers. With what fraction of the stickers did the two together contribute?

Ana is reading a book. One day she read of the book and the next day read from the book. Then calculate:

b) the fraction of the book she has read.

c) the fraction of the book that she needs to finish reading.

d) In a package there are 1 kg of sugar. In another package there is . How many pounds of sugar does the first pack have more than the second?

e) The street where Claudia lives is being paved. The from the street have already been paved. What fraction of the street is left asphalt?




On the day of the launch of an apartment building, of these apartments was sold and has been booked. Like this:

h) What fraction of the apartments was sold and reserved?

i) What fraction corresponds to the apartments that were not sold or reserved?

j) Calculate the value of the expression: