Mathematical Symbols (Part 4)

Symbol Name Explanation

THE: Sao Paulo is the capital of a Brazilian state
B: Sao Paulo is a Brazilian city


Ex: if the statement before it is true, then the statement on your right will also be true. For example, "Sao Paulo is the capital of a Brazilian state"Implies that"Sao Paulo is a Brazilian city”.

| such that Ex: R + = {x R | x ³ 0} means that R + is the set of real numbers such that these numbers are greater than or equal to zero.
or (of course)

Q: Jose likes to play soccer
Q: Jose likes to play tennis

P what

Jose likes to play soccer or tennis.

it is logical)

Q: Claudia has a dog
Q: Claudia has a cat

P what

Claudia has a dog and a cat.

~ negation (logic)

Q: Students will take a walk
~ p: Students will not walk.

n! n factorial

The definition of n factorial is as follows:
n! = n. (n-1). (n-2)… 3.2.1

Ex: For n = 6, we would have:

n! = 6 * 5 * 4 * 3 * 2 * 1

pi number The number It is defined as the ratio between the circumference of a circle and its diameter. But this number has other personalities. It is also an irrational number and a transcendent number.

= 3,141592653…

infinite The "eight lying down" represents infinity. This symbol was created by the English mathematician John Wallis (1616-1703) to represent "Arithmetic Infinitorum".

The kth partial sum of the series it's Sk = a1 + a2 +… + Ak.


Theno =


There are several integration rules.

Example of one of the rules:

The sine integral is "minus" the cosine "plus" the constant

lim limit


Indicates that 3 is the limit of function 2x + 1 when x tends to 1.

log logarithm

Ex: log28 = 3

The logarithm of 8 in base 2 is 3, because by raising 2 to exponent 3 we get 8.

Never forget, if you have no logarithm base, we define it as base 10.

ln neperian logarithm natural logarithm

logandn = y

Neperian logarithm is the logarithm whose base is the number "e".

e = 2.718281828…

Ex: log and 8 = 2,079441542…

because is 2,079441542 = 8

conclusion (therefore)

Pronounces soon…, therefore… or in conclusion…

The symbol consists of three points forming a triangle. It is written before a logical conclusion, being widely used in mathematics and also as an abbreviation.

All cats are beautiful.
Djalma is a cat.
Djalma is beautiful.