Geometric series

A geometric series is of the following type:

being the0 and r the reason.

Ex: 1 + 2 + 4 + 8 + 16 +…

a = 1
r =

Sum of a geometric series

The geometric series

Converge and have sum if | r | <1.
Diverge if | r | 1.

Comparison Test

Be and two series of terms positive. So:

* If , being "ç" a real number then the series are both converging or both divergent.

* If what if converge then also converges.

* If what if diverges then also diverges.

NOTE: If theno is expressed by a fraction, we must consider both the numerator and the denominator of bno only the most important terms.

Ex: Check if the given series converges or diverges:

is a geometric series of 1/3 ratio, so it is convergent. Applying the comparison test, we have:

Therefore, it is concluded that the series converges.

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