New Year

The JVI mathematician (MJVI) finds a friend with whom he had not talked for a long time. The friend was intensely seeking the Being of Time and thought he had found its essence. He did not know that his friend was engaged in the Individual's Game of Life and thought he had discovered the nature of Time.

MJVI. Dear friend, how much time has passed. Happy New Year. As time goes by, no?

FRIEND. I discovered something about the mystery of Time. No one sees Time, no one takes Time, no one listens to Time, no one stops Time. Have you ever seriously thought about what time is?

MJVI. Yes, I have found that understanding what Time is is the key to realizing the difference between Being and Existing. In fact, Time is immanent in being self-conscious. Just as every supposedly existing fundamental particle has its opposite, and annihilate itself, so apparent existence has a counterpart to self-awareness. Self-awareness may imagine it exists in some way, but it pays the price for the bold adventure. Time appears whenever self-consciousness imagines that it exists. This is a postulate. Time is nothing more than the immanent cost for a self-awareness to extrapolate your imagination from Being to the imagination of Existing.

FRIEND. Time is one of the few Things that cannot be controlled.

MJVI. Time is not, in fact, under control. On the contrary, he is the control. He continually signals to living matter that any creation of Thing does not belong to him except the pure imagination of Thing, and therefore the Thing has to be canceled. Time is the immediate cancellation of the Existence of any imagination that dares to take a flight of Existence by extrapolating its Being of pure imagination. Time therefore clearly indicates to self-awareness that it not only has no control over Things, but also has no power to create Things because it immediately cancels them.

FRIEND. The Human Being submits to Time, without much awareness that this is an integral part of Life, is the way in which Life demands attitudes, actions, dedication and responsibility.

MJVI. I don't know what Life is and I don't know what Human Being is. From my postulates none of these theorems follow.

FRIEND. Time does not rhyme with regret, but regrets the rhyme a lot, Time is not to be regretted, for through Time we can see our evolution and all that we have yet to accomplish.

MJVI. We who? I don't know who I am or what I am. I only know that the "cogito ergo sum", a brilliant imagination of Descartes, unfortunately does not hold. I abandoned the "I think, therefore I am" by "I imagine, so I imagine the possibility of imagining imaginations." This is my most fundamental postulate. I don't know who I am or what I am; So I don't know where I came from and where I am going, but I can only be a possibility of imagination. I have no logical right to transform my imaginary Being into Real Existence. Before leaving Plato's cave I must first better imagine who I am or what I am and what the cave itself is. A useful metaphor is that the cyclist's balance cannot abandon the bicycle and the cyclist. Balance emerges miraculously, and miraculously also sees itself as Being to Itself, as Sartre discovered, but hence to see itself as an emancipated Thing of its Being is a risky logical leap. Time is in charge of ruthless justice by canceling any attempt to migrate from Being to Self to Existing.

FRIEND. So let's understand what time is. If Life is the Great Belly in which we live, then Time is the blood that circulates and feeds us, Time comes to us through an umbilical cord connecting us to Life, Time nourishes us, feeds us, withdraws us. impurities, frees us and sustains us. Without Time there is no Own Life, we do not exist, we do not touch our mother, we do not know our friends, because for all this we need time. Time begins the instant we are conceived in the womb. We begin to have the mastery of Time the moment we are born, and we lose the right to Time the moment we die.

MJVI. I insist on the imagination that Time does not have the creative power of Life. On the contrary, it cancels it continuously. Time is the Anti-Life. This is not so strange because, although it is not known where Anti-Matter went, Matter is also canceled by its counterpart. Every particle has its anti-particle. Electron and positron annihilate to form a photon. By the way, this is interesting for those who insist on having eternal life. You can imagine, by analogy with the photon, that as they are annihilated by Time, their Anti-Life will become something analogous to a photon, and will "live" forever becoming some kind of "light." That is, they will shine forever. Imagination Life tries to realize itself, that is, tries to emancipate itself as a World Thing, but Time forces it to restrict itself to its nature of pure imagination. Life is a boldness of light matter. Four percent of the universe probably ignited for some unknown reason. It is probably a part of the dark energy that ignited. Twenty-six percent more of the imagination Universe goes on Dark matter, but seventy percent of this imaginary Universe is not
nor Matter, although it may be mathematically equivalent. I do not think it likely that Time begins at the moment of conception, because at that moment there is probably neither consciousness nor self-awareness. Time appears as the immanent cost of Life, that is, as Matter in the state of information, called the Psyche, produces the only product of which it is capable, the imagination, it prepares itself for the creation of the greatest possible desire. , the desire to exist. For some unknown reason, the Psyche begins to imagine units of imagination, among them self-awareness. Gradually, a unique imagination reproduces itself into new units such as the imagination of the mother, the hands, the mouth, the breasts, and gradually joins several other units of imagination. A mysterious Pleasure Principle, postulated by Sigmund Freud, leads Matter in this adventure of Living. The great goal to be attained is the greatest of pleasures, Existence. Existing and creating Things in the World are equivalent. Living is the same as creating Things in the World, and while Things are created, Life is alive. However, the psyche only has the power
to imagine. Your desire to exist is repressed by time.

FRIEND. For the human being time is very limited. Our days are 24 hours, our years 365.25 days, our lives several decades. And if we watch TV 6 hours a day, it will be ¼, or 25% of our lives spent watching TV. If you live 80 years, then you have spent 20 years watching TV. However if you find that you sleep 8 hours a day then in 80 years you will have slept 27 years of your life. Considering meals, 2 hours a day, so in 80 years 7 years will have spent with you eating. So you only have 23 years left of 80 years of your life to do something useful, or 7 hours a day for you to do the things you want and Fight for Survival, and that is very little.

MJVI. I don't know what the human being is. I don't know who we are. Your imaginations make no sense to me.

FRIEND. Everyone's Time is Different Everyone's Time is different, Time is not the same for everyone, not everyone feels Time at the same speed, or uses Time the same way at the same pace. In our bodies there is a natural clock called the heart. Under the heartbeat all our organs are fed with blood and provided with Health. Just as Time nourishes us with Life, blood nourishes us with Health. Children and newborns have a much faster heartbeat. 24 hours a day, children have much more heartbeats than adults, and for some reason, for children, the days take a long time to pass. How long are the days for children, how long is it waiting for the evening to come, or our birthday? And this is not just what children perceive differently. From the floor where they are, the children see the gigantic house, the huge rooms, the impassable staircase, the monstrous heights, this difference in measurement is called perception. Therefore, just as the child has a different perception of house sizes, so does the child perceive Time at a slower speed. But the adult may also feel the perception of time happening. In the seconds leading up to a car accident, for example, the sensation of danger triggers Adrenaline in the Blood, immediately the heart beats much faster, and our perception of Time changes, and as if the actions happen in slow motion, we can assimilate many details in tenths of a second, as if the weather was frozen, and we were movie viewers watching the crash happen. Likewise, when we are anxious, our hearts race and we feel that Time does not pass. Obviously, this relationship between heartbeat and time perception is not the only explanation for the facts listed above, as there are chemical reactions and psychological aspects involved in human behavior and perception, but it is worth the general idea of ​​how Time relates to the human being according to the state and situation we go through. Understand the nature of Time and spend it well. Plan your days because 7 hours is too little time, prioritize what is most useful in the Fight for Survival. Give meaning to your Life and especially do not spend asleep 80 years that could be lived with many joys and happiness, use the Faith, have dreams and let them evolve naturally, because Time is Vital, and Vital means Life. .

MJVI. Dear friend, how many things you have created in your world. How many self-consciousness you put into your world. You have automatically matched them and also automatically created the Human Being. If it wasn't you who created this World, then who did? Things cannot be created except by other things. Analogously to a supposed existing cell that cannot come into existence except through another. As a Thing would have to give rise to the Creator, so the Creator does not exist. Your self-awareness is capable of imagining a multitude of imaginations, but it cannot capture the absolute reality of even one of this overcrowded World of imagined Things. Show me one, just one, Thing of whose reality you have unmistakable proof.

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