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Seeing is believing… (III)

There is interesting evidence for the imagination of the "destruction of science" as a reliable means of "detecting true reality". Democritus's "ball" could not withstand the overwhelming mathematical pressure and eventually split into electrons, protons and neutrons. Protons and neutrons, in turn, had to split into quarks and electrons became "mathematical clouds" making self-consciousness return to the original "cloudiness" of "world reality." Evidence of "fractional effects of electric charges" casts serious doubts on the "existence of the electron" in the sense that if it divides in any way, then it has no "essence or real existence." Mathematics prevents you from "sticking your finger in the electron ball": the probability of determining velocity times the probability of determining electron position is equal to Planck's constant. This Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle puts an end to the attempt to "see the electron ball". Therefore, mathematics was and is, at the same time, the support and obstruction for detecting the existence or essence of things.

The trick of technology seems unmasked by the MJVI. It works by distraction. Again some examples may elucidate the meaning of "the destruction of science by mathematics itself". Science assumes that things exist and intends to be the quintessential method of detecting this reality. Because its credibility rests on mathematics, the existence or essence of things can only be revealed in dimensions that are too small or too large for self-consciousness, especially mathematical ones, to divide or bend. If it is too small, then it is difficult to question, but it is also difficult to detect with the body and its instruments as extensions of the senses. However, the second phase of the trick is distraction, that is, instead of continuing to aim at "the thing itself," "see it through indirect evidence of its essence or existence." Isn't a working television set evidence of the electron's existence? Isn't a light bulb lit evidence of the electron circling in a filament?

For MJVI, technology distractions don't convince him that "things exist." Technology is a way of adapting to biosphere conditions to keep surviving. It is just another survival strategy. There is no technology more impressive by far than the animal body itself. An extrematolite already has an infinitely more impressive "technology" because it is living matter, an "almost infinite technological leap" in the evolution of matter that seems to make up only 4.5% of the "visible" universe. Therefore, technological distraction does not work as a trick to convince MJVI about the existence of things.

Was there any other evidence that mathematics itself was the relentless tormentor of science as a "method of describing reality"?

Perhaps the excuse that science is concerned only with "how the world works" and not "why it is so" is the big indication that it really has nothing to do with the reality of things, but with the greatest illusion ever produced at Interneuro, including all the religious ideologies that have ever passed the earth.

However, there are scientists, more concerned with unraveling reality, who deal with the whys. His only research method can only be mathematics that has already reached an extreme degree of sophistication. Let us remember that experiments do not prove theories, they just bring them down or leave them alive for a little while.

For MJVI, this is the most interesting point. If his thesis that "things do not exist" they are only "imaginations of self-consciousness for itself" were reasonable, then mathematics would have to offer a demonstration.

"No one can define mass" arguments, no one knows what matter, neither light nor dark, "" no one knows what man himself is "will be ignored. They are interesting, but they are not, for MJVI, the most interesting.

The most interesting evidence that mathematics “takes away all the reality it gives” is the fact that it has been so sophisticated to "model things" that the condition of "existing" has evaporated. Mathematics teacher Galileo Galilei broke free from Zeno's stalemate with the equation s = s0 + v0t + ½ at2, but could not match the two limbs by measurements having to create an "emergency thing", the "Theory of Errors", incidentally, a genius creation.

Eintein ignored Isaac Newton's "gravitational force" as a "thing that acts at a distance over two bodies," replacing it with "geodesics needed for anything to move in the spacetime of the universe." He created the sophisticated General Theory of Relativity on his own and helped create the ultra-sophisticated Quantum Mechanics, which to be compatible and to mean conditions of the same world seems to require an ultra-hyper-sophisticated "Superstring Theory." Mathematics now allows astrophysics with infinite universes, infinite copies of a self, and all the infinite possibilities of variations of the self out there in invisible parallel dimensions and universes.

Exactly that is the word: invisible!

Mathematics itself therefore takes away what it promises or insinuates to allow. Science promises or insinuates to allow access to the reality of things and relies on mathematics. It forces you to move to very small or gigantic and infinite dimensions to sustain the goal of achieving the reality or essence of things. When science realizes, it finds that "reality", if grounded in mathematics, is "invisible by mathematical necessity."

This is for MJVI the meaning of the "destruction of science by its very constitutive germ."

By far this seems to be the most interesting feature of the creation of things of self-awareness at the present historical moment. The things that really exist for mathematical reasons really don't exist!

The criterion "see to believe" was invalidated precisely by what presents itself as the only option of credibility and logical rigor for access to the reality of things.

The MJVI does not want and cannot abdicate Mathematics. He is forced, therefore, to conclude that his perception of reality was correct. Things do not exist, they are just imaginations of self-consciousness that fulfill the greatest of all desires of living matter, that of existing.

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