Easy Mathematical Challenges

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Combinatorial Analysis Challenge 3
Age Ratio Challenge 4
How many triangles? Challenge 7
Where is it? Challenge 10
How many pages does the book have? Challenge 11
Find the values ​​of x, y and z Challenge 15
Check Filling Error Challenge 21
Maria and Manuel Challenge 22
How many seconds? Challenge 25
Number that makes the equation true Challenge 27
What is the division quotient? Challenge 32
What is the next number? Challenge 33
How to cross the river? Challenge 34
How many nines? Challenge 38
I squared a number… Continues after advertising Challenge 56
Flock of Teal Challenge 59
The Smoker Challenge 62
Chicken Eggs Challenge 67
The Bottle and the Cork Challenge 68
Sum of digits Challenge 77
The two watches Challenge 80
5-digit palindromes Challenge 84
Grandpa's Grandsons Severino Challenge 85
Saint Anthony miracle worker Challenge 86
The Great Family Challenge 89
The Eight Eights Challenge 93
Complete the letter sequence Challenge 96
Robervaldo's Ducks Challenge 98
Vanderlei Lamb and the Marathon Challenge 107
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