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Next Sequence Number Challenge 32
What is the next number? Challenge 33
How to cross the river? Challenge 34
How many nines? Challenge 35
The Price of the Gift Challenge 36
Who did not pay the entrance? Challenge 37
What percentage of boys? Challenge 38
I squared a number… Challenge 39
Calculator keys Challenge 40
Who is the big brother? Challenge 41
Solve the equation Challenge 42
Row of Bottles Challenge 43
How many eggs a year ??? Challenge 44
Find the heaviest ball Challenge 45
Spider's web Continues after advertising Challenge 46
The diehard frog Challenge 47
Sugar Tea Bags Challenge 48
Share the apples among the children Challenge 49
Balls in the box Challenge 50
Divide the wine among the drunks Challenge 51
Discover the Age of Children Challenge 52
Mom, kids, and potatoes Challenge 53
The Super Fly Challenge 54
How much is the product worth? Challenge 55
The Bridge Challenge 56
Flock of Teal Challenge 57
Cooking the Cookie Challenge 58
Pilgrim Challenge 59
The Smoker Challenge 60
The Chocolate Company