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Displaying 193 challenges of all levels (page 4): Challenge 91
Paulo Cesar's Donkeys Challenge 92
Reducing Inmates' Penalties Challenge 93
Complete the sequence for Challenge 94
Northeastern barbecue seller Challenge 95
Mother, Daughters, and Apples Challenge 96
Robervaldo's Ducks Challenge 97
The Bookshelf and the Scale Challenge 98
Vanderlei Lamb and the Marathon Challenge 99
The Journey From Pancho Villa Challenge 100
The King and the Slaves Challenge 101
The Damn Tomatoes Challenge 102
Serginho crossing the bridge Challenge 103
Correcting the Expression with a Dash Challenge 104
Clodovando's Father and Grandfather Challenge 105
Just moving a toothpick Continues after advertising Challenge 106
Radigunda Needs Money Challenge 107
Complete the letter sequence Challenge 108
The rooms and lamps Challenge 109
Relationship with Perivaldo Challenge 110
The Traveler's Gold Challenge 111
Birthdays and Probability Challenge 112
The Guava Critter Challenge 113
Orlaneide and the Animals Challenge 114
Eight Queens on the Chessboard Challenge 115
Half Thirteen Challenge 116
Digging a Hole Challenge 117
The Fly and the Cyclist Challenge 118
Splitting the Camels Challenge 119
Beatriz Challenge 120's Early Watch
The fire in the rope