Elementary School

In this section you will find teaching materials for elementary school. They are available from basic to advanced materials from 9th grade. Choose the desired material and good studies!


What is a fraction?
The meaning of a fraction
How to read a fraction, classification of fractions
Equivalent fractions
Fractional Numbers
Addition and subtraction of fractional numbers
Multiplication and division of fractional numbers
Potentiation and rooting of fractional numbers


Divisibility Criteria
Prime numbers
Prime factor decomposition
Determining the Dividers of a Number
Maximum common divisor (M.D.C.)
Least Common Multiple (M.M.C.)

1st degree equations with one variable

Universe set and truth set of an equation
Roots of an equation
Solve an equation
Impossible Equations and Identities

Equations of the 1st degree with two variables

Ordered Pairs
Cartesian coordinates
Cartesian plane
Cartesian Product
What is a 1st degree equation with two variables?
Solution of a two-variable first degree equation
Graph of a first degree equation with two variables
Equation Systems
Systems Resolution

Inequalities of the 1st degree

What is an inequality?
Graphic representation
Graphical resolution of an inequality system


What is empowerment?
Potentiation Properties
Product of same base powers
Division of powers of the same base
Power power
Distributive in relation to multiplication
Distributive in relation to division


What is root settlement?
Even Index Roots
Odd Index Roots
Power with fractional exponent
Properties of radicals
Radical Simplification
Similar radicals
Addition and subtraction of radicals
Multiplication and division of radicals
Power of a radical
Radical of a radical
Rationalization of denominators Continues after advertising


What is a reason?
Terms of a reason
Inverse Reasons
Equivalent ratios
Reasons between quantities of the same species
Ratios between quantities of different species


What is a ratio?
Elements of a ratio
Fundamental property of proportions
Fundamental Property Applications
Proportional Fourth
Continuous ratio
Proportion Properties
Multiple ratio

Roman numerals

Roman Numbering and Its Rules
Table - from 1 to 1449
Table - from 1450 to 2100
Numbers greater than 2100

Proportional quantities

What is a greatness?
Directly proportional quantities
Inverse proportional quantities
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