Mile (unit)

The mile is an English unit of measure and is therefore most commonly used in English-speaking countries. One land mile is equivalent to 1,609,344 meters or 1,609344 kilometers. One mile equals 5,280 feet.

Your symbol is mi. (from English, mile). Its origin dates from Ancient Rome, where each mile was equivalent to 1000 steps (from Latin mille passus) given by the Centurion, and ranged from approximately 1400 to 1580 meters. Throughout history, the land mile has changed, being standardized in 1959 to its present value.

United States License Plate with Distances in Miles

In the example from the sign above, the distance to go to the city of Los Angeles is 375 miles, which is 375 * 1,609344 = 603,504 km.

You've certainly heard of the Indianapolis 500, one of the most traditional auto racing in the world. In this race, the track is 2.5 miles (approximately 4 km). Riders need to take 200 laps to cover a total distance of 500 mi (approximately 800 km).

500 Miles Indianapolis

Note: There is still another type of mile, called maritime or nautical, which equals 1,852 meters. It is primarily used for sea navigation, air navigation and distance measurement.

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