Challenge Response 187

Which fits you best?

Observe this diagram:

Considering that the radius of the circle is r, then the area of ​​the circle is given by πr2 and the area of ​​the outer square will be (2r)2 = 4r2.

We also realize that the blue square is exactly half the area of ​​the outer square, so its area will be 2r2. We have then:

(Circle Area) / (Outer Square Area) = πr2 / 4r2 = π / 4, which is worth approximately 78.5%.
(Small square area) / (Circle area) = 2r2 / πr2 = 2 / π, which is worth approximately 63.7%.

Therefore, in the first case the piece fits better, as it occupies a larger area (78.5%).

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