Mathematical Dictionary - Letter C

CALCULATE - Perform an operation, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division or enhancement, to obtain a result.

CALCULATION - Procedure that leads to the result of an operation.

CAPACITY - It is the amount that a container can contain, this quantity can be of oil, water, etc. Usually the capacity is measured in liters.

DECIMAL HOUSE - In comma numbers, we have decimal places to the right of the comma. Example: 7, _ _ has two decimal places. The first house to the right of the comma is the tenth place. The second is the hundredths.

HUNDRED - Group of 100 units.

HUNDREDTH - Dividing a unit into 100 equal parts, each part is one hundredth of that unit. One hundredth can be stated like this: . Or like this: 0.01.

CENTILLION - It is the largest number accepted in the successive power system of ten, first recorded in 1852. It represents the hundredth power of one million, or the number 1 followed by 600 zeros (although only used in Great Britain and Germany).

CENTIMETER - Word formed by centi (hundredth) and meter. The centimeter (symbol: cm) is the hundredth part of the meter.

CENTROIDE - Center of mass of a figure.

CEVIANA - Ceviana is a line segment that connects a vertex of a triangle to any point on the opposite side. The height, median, or bisector of the triangle are particular cevianas. The name Ceviana is named after Giovanni Ceva, an Italian mathematician (1647-1734).

CYLINDER - A two-dimensional region in three-dimensional space formed by a curved surface and two planar surfaces that are congruent. A straight circular cylinder can be seen in everyday life as a can of oil or pea.

CIRCLE - A planar figure formed by the set of all points on this plane located at a distance less than or equal to a measure known as the radius of the circle from a fixed point called the center of the circle.

CIRCUMFERENCE - Flat and closed curve whose points are equidistant from a fixed point called center. It is the line that surrounds the circle.

CLASSIFICATION - Way of separating objects or numbers that have certain attributes or characteristics.

CODE - Conventional or secret vocabulary or signal system used in communication.

COEFFICIENT - The constant factor of a monomial. Example: 2x³ and ay², 2 and a are the respective coefficients.

COLINARY - Any number of points are collinear if they are all on the same line.

COMBINATIONS - Subsets consisting of 2 or more elements chosen from the elements of a given set, where the order of their elements does not distinguish them from each other. For example represents the combinations of 10 elements 3 to 3.

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