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Mathematical Dictionary - Letter D

DICE - Numeric or algebraic elements of information of a problem.

DECAGON - A polygon with 10 sides.

DECAMETER - 10 meters. It is represented by Dam.

DECEMBER - Ten years old.

DECIGRAM - Tenth part of the gram.

DECIMETER - Word formed by deci (tenth) and meter. The decimeter (symbol: dm) is the tenth part of the meter.

TENTH - Dividing a unit into 10 equal parts, each part is one tenth of that unit. One tenth can be stated like this: . Or like this: 0.1.

Denominator - In the fraction is the number below. It is the number that indicates how many equal parts the upper number will be divided into. In fraction 2/5 the denominator is number 5.

Derivative - Given a function f (x), designates its derivative by . This expression allows to measure the instantaneous variation of the function. Graphically it's about calculating the slope from the tangent line to the curve.

INEQUALITY - Inequality is an expression in one way: b, a <b, a <b, a> b, a> b, where a and b are quantities or expressions. In inequalities the following symbols are used: is not equal (different), <is less than, <is less than or equal to,> is greater than and>> is greater than or equal to.

TEN - Group of 10 units.

DIAGONAL - Line segment that one vertex to another not consecutive of a polygon. The number of diagonals of a polygon is given by (n² - 3n) / 2, where n is the number of sides.

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