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Is it possible to divide a number by zero?

If we divide a number by zero, the answer cannot be zero, as many people think. Some even think that division by zero equals infinity for the following reason:

Imagine a basket with 8 apples. If each person takes four apples, how many people will take four apples from the basket? The answer is TWO. But what if each person take no apple, how many can get the apples? That is why there is the idea of ​​infinity, since infinite people could "take no" apple, and these would never end. However, it is incorrect reasoning, as infinite people would never leave the basket empty.

Let's reason as follows: if 2/0 = x, then 2 should be equal to x * 0. But whatever the value of x, if we multiply by zero we will never get 2, because the result will always be zero.

Therefore, it is not possible to divide a number by zero. We can just divide zero by some number. For example:

How much is 0/4 worth?

In this case, 0/4 = x, then 0 = 4.x, that is, x worth zero.

People cannot take apples because the basket is already empty.

Another interesting question would be: How much is 0/0 worth?

0/0 = x ie 0 = x * 0. Any value we put to x satisfies equality. If x can be any number then 0/0 equals anything. Therefore, it is not possible to say how much this division is worth, which is considered a indeterminacy.