Sample sizing

When you want to size the sample size, the procedure proceeds in three distinct steps:

  • Evaluate the most important and most significant variable in the group;

  • Analyze whether it is ordinal, interval or nominal;

  • Check whether the population is finite or infinite;

Interval variable and infinite population
Interval variable and finite population
Nominal or ordinal variable and infinite population
Nominal or ordinal variable and finite population

Note: The proportion (p) will be the estimate of the true proportion of one of the chosen levels for the adopted variable. For example, 60% of the sample phones is Nokia, so p will be 0.60.

The ratio (q) will always be 1 - p. In this example q, will be 0.4. The error is represented by d.

For cases where the proportions cannot be identified, 0.5 is given for p and q.

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