Measurement of an angle

The measurement of an angle is given by the measurement of its opening. The default unit of measurement for an angle is the degree, whose symbol is º.

Taking a shallow or half-turn angle and dividing it into 180 equal parts, we determine 180 angles of the same measure. Each of these angles represents an angle of 1st degree (1º).

To measure angles, we use an instrument called protractor. The protractor is already graduated with divisions from 1st to 1st. There are two types of protractor: 180º and 360º.

The degree comprises the following submultiples:

  • O minute stands for of degree. It is indicated one minute by 1 '.
  • O second stands for of the minute. It is indicated one second by 1 ".

Therefore, we can conclude that:

1º = 60'.60 = 3.600"

When an angle is measured in degrees, minutes and seconds, we are using the sexagesimal system.

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